Friday, February 19, 2010

You will be assimilated - updated

UPDATE: It was definitely a challenging semester.Here is the finished model  of my bust. I had more fun painting and lighting than making the model. But I think it looks OK for my first attempt at realism in Maya. Hopefully future projects will be better ^__^


Concept piece for a3D project- yours truly as a Borg drone. This is still pretty rough but i may revise if i have the time.

For some reason my teacher likes the Klingon Borg, so that's what im going to model- no time to get that sketch to full color though =(. 

Story Boarding

These are also from last year. First panel was drawn by my instructor, Dave Yee, and our assignment was to tell a story within 8 panels.

115 animation

I forgot I had these from last Spring, I cant believe these are almost a year old. I'm hoping my character design has improved since than.
Anyways, these guys were from a short film I made called "No Goat No Glory".